Chris Cox, Weaver

I am very new to the art of weaving, having taken my first class in 2018.    Before learning how to weave, I knit as method of relaxation and as a way of channeling my focus onto something creative.  I have always been drawn to crafts.  My introduction to weaving came when I visited the studio of a Master Weaver to discuss the commission of a blanket, and laid eyes on the traditional equipment.  


Professionally, I am a mathematician, and as such am also interested in the geometry of patterns and rhythm behind the construction of a textile.    Whenever I sit at my loom, it feels I am taking a step back to a simpler time before technology ruled the world.

I am honored to be a member of South End Woven Studio.  It provides me an opportunity to learn from other experienced and dedicated weavers and hopefully contribute to the body of knowledge that we are creating as well.

Plaid Wool.JPG
Woolen Warp.jpg
Snowflake Amber Black Shawl.jpg
Orange Striped Summer Winter.JPG
Twill Towels.JPG
Towels_Blue Red Green.JPG