What's on our Looms

On Pat's Loom

Kitchen towels with a summer look.


On Susan's Loom

Another rug from T shirts.  This is one of a pair that is a commission for  someone's bathroom.

summery towels.jpg

On Ginny's Loom

Handwoven baskets just off my loom.  There are so many uses for these versatile baskets.  

Put magazines, plants or anything you desire in these colorful baskets.  

Many colors available in our studio.

Kristin rug.jpg

On Mary's Loom

A series of blankets perfect for a toddlers bed!

These make great shower gifts.

On Chris's Loom

Beautiful towels!

Kitchen Towel_Purple Orange.JPG

On the Rug Loom

The Harrisville Shaft Switching loom allows a lot of  variety of weft placement.  This will be a 2' x 3' wool rug.  Almost finished and ready to put on the floor.