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What's on our Looms

On Pat's Loom

More kitchen towels in a new colorway!


On Susan's Loom

It is an elegant weave for a kitchen towel, but several of these will be in the shop soon.


On Ginny's Loom

Handwoven baskets just off my loom.  There are so many uses for these versatile baskets.  

Put magazines, plants or anything you desire in these colorful baskets.  

Many colors available in our studio.


On Mary's Loom

Put on a 15 yard rug warp at the beginning of 2023.  Just finishing the ninth rug in the cottage series.

This rug is woven in the rosepath fashion with rug wool in black, white and green with an orange and red hem.

On Nancy's Loom

Setting up the loom for Yardage using a crimp technique learned in a workshop taught by Diane Totten.   Looking forward to seeing the results!


On Laurie's Loom

Among other things, Laurie creates vibrant wall hangings on her Jacquard loom. Watch here for new creations.

On the Rug Loom

The Harrisville Shaft Switching loom allows a lot of  variety of weft placement.  This will be a 2' x 3' wool rug.  Almost finished and ready to put on the floor.

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