What's on our Looms

On Pat's Loom

Trying new pattern for cotton placemats. Fall colors this time!


On Ginny's Loom

Sets of placemats in springtime colors.

On Susan's Loom

A  new, soft and cozy cotton blanket for swaddling baby.  


On Mary's Loom

Working on an Advancing Twill Scarf using a hand dyed warp and Red Purple weft.  

The first scarf is done with two more to go!

On Chris's Loom

Fourteen yards of upholstery fabric!  The things we do for our friends.  We can't wait to see the finished fabric made into two custom made day bed covers with matching pillows. 


On the Rug Loom

Working on the first rug with is going to go under my dining room table!  Planning to make two rugs that will be bound together into one rug!  

The colors are really coming together!  Finished 30" so far!