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What's on our Looms

On Pat's Loom

Back weaving Alpaca Blankets! 


On Susan's Loom

New colors coming to a project soon.  Hand dyed with natural dyes. Madder, Cutch, Marigold, Myrobalan, Himalayan Rhubarb 


On Ginny's Loom

Handwoven baskets just off my loom.  There are so many uses for these versatile baskets.  

Put magazines, plants or anything you desire in these colorful baskets.  

Many colors available in our studio.


On Mary's Loom

Just loving this weave structure - it reminds me of birds migrating in advance of winter.    

These kitchen towels have 15 colors in the warp and weft and were a joy to weave.

On Nancy's Loom

Wove some  "Crayon Box " colors yardage. I Love how happy this makes me feel!

SEW_CarlsonSteger_Stephane Grappelli Ghandis Revenge.jpg

On Laurie's Loom

Among other things, Laurie creates vibrant wall hangings on her Jacquard loom. Watch here for new creations.

On the Rug Loom

The Harrisville Shaft Switching loom allows a lot of  variety of weft placement.  This will be a 2' x 3' wool rug.  Almost finished and ready to put on the floor.

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