What's on our Looms

On Pat's Loom

Overshot Placemats in Cotton

Rose and Cross patterns


On Ginny's Loom

Handwoven baskets just came off my loom.  There are so many uses for these versatile baskets.  

Put magazines, plants or anything you desire in these colorful baskets.  

Many colors available in our studio.

On Susan's Loom

Placemats are in high demand these days.  I am working to finish these sets of placemats in holiday colors. Maybe I will have enough warp for a matching runner.


On Mary's Loom

Just finished a run of cotton fabric for towels and aprons.

Perfect holiday gift.

On Chris's Loom

Woolen shawls and lap blankets coming off the loom in time for the chilly days ahead!  Come by and see these luscious shawls.

Plaid Wool.JPG

On the Rug Loom

Working on the first rug which is going to go under my dining room table!  Planning to make two rugs that will be bound together into one rug!  

The colors are really coming together!  Finished 30" so far!