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What's on our Looms

On Pat's Loom

More kitchen towels in a new colorway!


On Susan's Loom

Wool silk scarf coming soon - Birdseye weave of blended wool and silk.


On Ginny's Loom

Handwoven baskets just off my loom.  There are so many uses for these versatile baskets.  

Put magazines, plants or anything you desire in these colorful baskets.  

Many colors available in our studio.

pillows w.jpeg

On Mary's Loom

Finished a series of Alpaca Pillows to match an Alpaca Blanket.

These pillows are now adorning a bed in Southern California!

On Nancy's Loom

Setting up the loom for Yardage using a crimp technique learned in a workshop taught by Diane Totten.   Looking forward to seeing the results!


On the Rug Loom

The Harrisville Shaft Switching loom allows a lot of  variety of weft placement.  This will be a 2' x 3' wool rug.  Almost finished and ready to put on the floor.

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