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Pat Vinter

My interest in weaving stems from my Norweigan Grandmother, who was a rag-rug weaver. Participating in the warping of her loom as a child made me curious about the way fibers combined to make cloth.  I started taking sewing classes at 10, took a part-time job in college working for a tailor but found that my real interest was in the fibers, not the sewing.


Looking for a new approach to my love of fiber I began weaving 25 years ago with a beginner course at The Danforth Museum School in Framingham.  Since then I’ve gradually expanded my knowledge and interests in creating with fiber.


Now, when I weave for someone I think about what colors they would like, what textures would be just right, and what design would be meaningful to them. Weaving has become a way that I connect with people, it is a meaningful manifestation of who I am and it gives me great joy to share my work with others.  The sense of belonging to a weaving community has been very important to me, exchanging ideas and learning collaboratively pushes me to continue growing as a weaver.


I am a member of the Weavers Guild of Boston, the Handweavers Guild of America and the SoWa Artist Guild.




    Scarves and shawls in a variety of fibers

and weaves.



For your home!

Placemats, kitchen towels,

and table runners.


Alpaca Blankets 

      extra large

        and so soft!


     "Cozy" Blankets 

           for your lap or baby 


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